Sustaining Competitive Intelligence Initiatives
Techniques to help your comeptitive initiatve sustain over long term.
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The Intelligence Cycle and its Importance in the Competitive Intelligence Practices
The Intelligence Cycle is a process that controls the scope and pace of the overall production of competitive intelligence.
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Leverage your broader team and get a clearer view of your comeptitors

The process of gathering and distributing competitive intelligence is unique to each company. But there are some common trends. Current practices involve monitoring your competitor’s financial performance, tracking changes in market share, analysis of your competitor’s strategy, win-loss analysis et...

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How frameworks to evaluate Competitive Advantage evolved over time 
How the frameworks to evaluate Competitive Advantage evolved over time
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How the pandemic has impacted our understanding of our markets
The virus has forced most of us to work from home and use digital technologies as our primary medium of communication. This slight change has greatly impacted how we understand our customers and our competitors.
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