• Enhancing your Competitive Edge

Competitive Strategy Consulting

We help businesses adapt to market disruptions by providing Competitive-Intelligence based strategy consulting services. By engaging sophisticated methodologies, we benchmark companies against competition. We strengthen competitive strategies and empower businesses to enhance their competitive edge. We are a registered Salesforce partner and offer apps to integrate competitive intelligence insights into CRM. 

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Our unique approach to

Competitive Strategy


We extract relevant competitive insights from extensive data sources. Using our structured comprehensive approach, we provide a 360° view of your competitors. We consider perspectives of customers, competitors, partners, employees, social media chatter, etc.


Competitive strategy demands expertise in collecting data, analysis of data, and dissemination of competitive insights. We apply methodologies most relevant to your situation to help solve the business problem.


Turning competitive intelligence into clear actionable insights is tricky. We focus on both the broad strategic analysis and also dig deeper into product level analysis in a specific customer industry.  With our comprehensive approach, we are an ideal partner to build your competitive strategy.

5 Things to Note When Analyzing Your Competitors

Monitoring your business environment, especially your competitors is a basic business necessity. In fact, most companies do it at varied levels of detail and scope. But only a few companies leverage competitive data analysis to derive actionable insights - to enhance their competitive edge

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